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Looking to find a superior scaffolder in Auckland? You've come to the right place.

  • Superior Scaffolding Auckland offers a comprehensive scaffold design, erection and dismantling service across Auckland. Our team has the experience and expertise to meet your scaffolding needs for both residential scaffolding, industrial scaffolding and commercial scaffolding applications.
  • Efficient and accurate design, prompt delivery of equipment, and a high level of attention to detail are but some of the factors that set our service apart from other scaffolding companies in Auckland.
  • When you choose Superior Scaffolding Auckland, you can be assured that we will deliver our promise of best-practice scaffolding solutions on time, every time. We stand by being the best scaffolding company in Auckland.

Our Auckland Scaffolding Company's Services

Residential Scaffolding

Erecting scaffolding can be a complex job and it's important that it is installed correctly. Our team of residential scaffolders have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver residential scaffolding solutions Auckland wide.

Commercial Scaffolding

Superior Scaffolding Auckland's experts provide scaffolding solutions to cater to all types of commercial scaffolding projects. Our teams are qualified to deliver the most technical and difficult projects on time and on budget.

Industrial Scaffolding

Superior Scaffolding Auckland specialise in all forms of Auckland industrial scaffolding. We have been one of Auckland's leading industrial scaffold installers for over 20 years. Our team provide can provide comprehensive scaffold services for your long term industrial project needs.

One of Auckland's leading local scaffolding companies

Why Choose Superior Scaffolding Auckland?

Extensive Experience

Superior Scaffolding Auckland have extensive experience in the building industry, our team offers next level expertise for installation, dismantling, transport, onsite consults and project managing – so you are never short the help you need to get your scaffolding done efficiently and with full qualifications from SARNZ.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Our team's expertise, alongside our on-site consultation and project managing services, means we’re here to make your on-site safety the top priority. Our scaffolding equipment is safe and reliable, with trusted solutions to meet your specific site needs. For more information on our safety protocols visit Worksafe.

Customized Scaffolding Solutions

Whether you need scaffolding solutions for a commercial or residential project, Superior Scaffolding Auckland is the provider you can rely on. With a proven track record, Superior Scaffolding are one of Auckland's leading local scaffolding companies. Our partners at EasyAccess who source high quality scaffolding ensure we are ready to tackle any project, large or small.

Our Auckland Scaffolding Service Pricing

  • Setup Cost: $30m² one time setup/dismantle cost
  • Rental Cost: $1.5m² per week

For example, a 10 meter wall that is 4 meters high would be a total of 40m². 40m² at $30 per m² would cost $1,200 to setup by a scaffolding company.

If you required the scaffolding for one week, you would pay $1.5m² for each square meter. For the 40m² example above that would be 40m² x $1.5m² which is $60.

Therefore the total cost to scaffold your 40m² wall for one week would be $1260 ($1,200 + $60).

Let's take the average house size, which is $150m². 150m² x $30m² is $4,450 to setup and dismantle. Let's say the scaffolding was needed for two weeks, that would be $1.5m² per week x 150m² x 2 weeks, which is $450. The total cost of scaffolding a house in Auckland is $4,900 in 2022.



$30m² setup + $1.5m² p/w

Free Auckland Scaffolding Pricing Calculator

Superior Scaffolding Auckland's Testimonials

Mike Chang
in the last week
Thank you to the team at Superior Scaffolding, i needed urgent residential scaffolding for my standalone rental unit. Their online scaffolding calculator was very helpful...
Im Satoshi
a week ago
Great service from the team. Needed a couple of rentals set up for a re paint and the service was very prompt and straight forward...
Agung White
in the last week
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend superior scaffolding Auckland. Very affordable and scaffolded my residential apartment block ready for new tenants. Will use again. Thanks

Auckland Scaffolding FAQs

On a standard 2 story building of approximately 50 meters, most scaffolding installation companies would be able to install scaffolding within a day. Installation can vary depending on the site access, fall of the site, and numerous other obstacles. You’ll know our plans take your requirements into account as soon as you propose your project.

We'd be happy to give you a quote based on your plans whether emailed, faxed or mailed to us. Our representatives would also be happy to visit your site and provide an estimate. Give us a call on 09 884 8699 today!

At Superior Scaffolding Auckland, we provide a no obligation free quotation service. Please contact us with your scaffolding requirements and we will respond accordingly.

Costs for scaffolding rental vary. You can expect to pay around $60 a day for small projects and for more complex jobs, the cost per day starts at about $300. If you need to rent scaffolding for longer than a week, ask our team to put together a custom quote for your job. GIve us a call on 09 884 8699 today!

We have a large selection of superior heavy duty scaffold for use. We have different capacity ratings for both Residential Scaffolding and Commercial Scaffolding applications. Our scaffolding is made from the highest quality materials and is manufactured to be used over and over again.

Superior Scaffolding Auckland specialises in heavy duty ground up scaffolding which can be used in many applications. It's inexpensive, strong, safe and easy to erect making it one of the best products of its type on the market today.

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