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How to estimate and calculate scaffolding costs

Don't worry, scaffolding can be difficult to figure out if you are not familiar with the industry. We have laid it out as simply as possible for you below!

The cost of rental scaffolding is divided between setup and rental costs. Setup costs are how much it costs for a scaffolding company to setup and dismantle the scaffolding. The rental cost is for hiring the scaffolding itself.

Scaffolding Price Per Metre

The average scaffolding price per meter ranges from $30m² to $60m² depending on the site's ease of access, height, weather proofing needs, and the duration the scaffolding is needed.

Scaffolding Hire Cost

  • Setup Cost: $30m² one time setup/dismantle scaffolding hire cost
  • Rental Cost: $1.5m² per week

For example, a 10 meter wall that is 4 meters high would be a total of 40m². 40m² at $30 per m² would cost $1,200 to setup by a scaffolding company.

If you required the scaffolding for one week, you would pay $1.5m² for each square meter. For the 40m² example above that would be 40m² x $1.5m² which is $60.

Therefore the total cost to scaffold your 40m² wall for one week would be $1260 ($1,200 + $60).

Let's take the average house size, which is $150m². 150m² x $30m² is $4,450 to setup and dismantle. Let's say the scaffolding was needed for two weeks, that would be $1.5m² per week x 150m² x 2 weeks, which is $450. The total cost of scaffolding a house in Auckland is $4,900 in 2022.

Factors That Affect Scaffold Cost Estimate Calculations

Length of Hire

When it comes to renting scaffolding, one of the first things you need to consider is how long you'll need it for. This can make a huge difference to your budget, so it's important to get this right. You should work out each item in your project budget separately. Having good project management skills will allow you to determine how much time you need for each individual job. Whether it's two weeks or two months that you require scaffolding, this will help you determine the best prices for both hiring equipment and personnel.

Weather Proofing Needs

Superior Scaffolding Auckland recommends that scaffolding clients use their shrink-wrapping service in addition to scaffolding hire. Weatherproofing your project will cut down on delays caused by inclement weather and can offset the cost of shrink wrapping by offering protection against delays on your project due to weather conditions.


 The higher the scaffolding required, the more safety measures you will need to take. This requires specialised personnel and equipment to keep your worksite safe. Superior Scaffolding Auckland has a brilliant safety record, and its team is well trained for working at heights. They can accommodate scaffolding for almost any project in relation to height, but this might incur an additional cost. Another consideration for the height of the scaffolding required is whether any specialty scaffolding is needed, such as walkways or bridges between sections.


 When it comes to ease of access, the time required to set up your scaffolding will be less if the team can put up the frame without running into any obstacles. The flip side of this is if the scaffolding needs to be maneuvered around tight spaces, such as hallways or streets, the amount of time to both set up and take down the job will be extended.

Ballpark Scaffolding Cost Estimates

Calculating the cost for Auckland scaffolding rental services will vary greatly from project to project. We have provided some examples of industry ballpark costs to help you to figure out your budget:

  • Scaffolding a standard NZ chimney:  $900 – $2,000 NZD
  • Scaffolding a one-story residential project for a repaint: $2,000 – $5,000 NZD
  • Scaffolding a larger commercial or industrial scaffolding project e.g. two story building: $5,000 – $10,000 NZD
  • Weatherproofing and shrink-wrapping: Full encapsulation for recladding a larger building: $15,000 – $45,000 NZD

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